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Education is what people do to you. Learning is what you do for yourself. What you know in advance, do in advance. You have to love it so much to press on even when it is illogical to do so.


Self-Made and Innovative

David Boice is the co-founder and CEO of some of the largest data-driven technology companies in the Automotive, RV and Marine industries. His current companies, Team Velocity, Tier10Level 5, Social Dealer, Advid, and OfferLogix employ over 350 full-time associates and serve many of the nation’s leading retailers and OEMs. At 22, David co-founded his first company, AutoMark, which quickly became one of the most reputable technology companies in the automotive industry. 57 of the top 100 dealership groups adopted this technology before it was sold to a large publicly traded company in 2001. David went on to co-found and invest in numerous industry-leading related ventures.

Today, David is fulfilling his mission to build an intelligent, omni-channel technology platform (Apollo®) to support OEMs and dealerships across the Automotive, RV, Marine, Powersports and Motorcycle industries.

Industry Leader

From Sales to Software

Before laptops were used commercially and before Powerpoint was created, David saw the need for a presentation tool that could supplement sales presentations with graphics. This presentation tool could not only improve sales meetings but also bring the bottom sellers up dramatically.

At the time, dealerships were still using manual logs. David wanted to create a program to log all sales and maintain consistency as well as help dealerships’ F&I and aftermarket sales.

Changing the Game

Do One Thing and Do It Well

In 1996, David introduced one of the first inventory systems in the country, TouchVision. Once websites became commercially available in 1998, he used the code that he had developed for TouchVision to create a website. Although other dealer websites were starting to be launched, they only showed dealers’ names and contact information. His showed actual inventory!

Today, David is changing the game at Team Velocity with his mission to build one fully integrated omni-channel data-driven technology platform to facilitate dealers’ marketing efforts and provide a more personalized experience for their customers.

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