David leaves Reynolds and Reynolds, which starts his 10-year noncompete in the digital space.


CyberCar merges with HAC Group, partners with Roger Penske, and is sold to Reynolds and Reynolds Company for an enterprise value of $200 million.


David merges AutoMark with Half-A-Car and creates a company called CyberCar, forming the largest automotive website and training company in the U.S. and dominating dealer groups.


Websites are now commercially available, so David uses the TouchVision code to create a website. He converts the kiosks in his dealerships to regular computers with mice. At this point, other dealer websites still don’t display inventory, but Touchvision does.


Touchscreens make an appearance in the industry, so David converts the keyboard technology that he has at AutoMark to touchscreens. David creates one of the first inventory systems in the country, TouchVision. Now there are kiosks in dealerships that not only sell aftermarket but can compare cars, too.


David co-founds his first technology company, AutoMark, with his father.


David graduates from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing.