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Mission Improbable: 2021

Imagine this…A customer walks into a dealership and is treated exactly like they are routinely treated online. They would meet a bunch of people, and it would go something like this…

“I want to be just like (insert Dealer name).”

Each week, a growing number of new or prospective clients ask us to provide, “whatever (insert dealer name) is doing that is working so well.” The belief being, if they work with the same company and use the same technology, the results will also be the same. Maybe, maybe not.

‘Paycheck Protection Planner’ – Digital Portal Launched To Help Businesses Navigate, Secure Coronavirus Stimulus Loans

The Paycheck Protection Planner was created by American business owners who want to help other small businesses get funding faster to save jobs.   NEW YORK, April 8, 2020 — PaycheckProtectionPlanner.com, an independent resource portal that helps small businesses navigate the complex web of the federal stimulus funds available, so they can quickly secure the funds they need to […]

Marketing Exec Says Dealers are Missing a Golden Opportunity

David Boice, CEO of marketing firm Team Velocity, says dealers are failing to tap a potentially rich source of business — and it’s right at their fingertips. “A dealership is sitting on a gold mine of data,” Boice says. Speaking last month at a Shift conference in Las Vegas, he said customers already in the database don’t […]

Mission Improbable: A Game of Technology Tag

We live in a world of marketing silos where dealerships are forced to play the game of technology tag. The most successful retailers like Tesla, Carvana, Amazon Prime have figured out a solution, and it’s the key to a frictonless customer journey.

AutoSuccess: The Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2020

Although the automotive industry continues to evolve around the way consumers research, buy and service vehicles, dealers continue to compete, implementing marketing strategies and technologies with the hope it will drive new sales and service business as well as retain existing customers. With hundreds of companies offering “the best” services — from niche programs to […]

Digital Retailing or Digital Roadblocking?

Business executive, real estate investor, speaker and leader, Chris Saraceno, asked David to participate in his new book, The Theory of 5, in which Saraceno outlines one of the most powerful philosophies the truly successful hold: We don’t have to do it alone. By seeking out those who have achieved what we dream of having in various areas of our lives and then asking them for guidance, we can build our own path to happiness and prosperity.

Advid Featured in AutoSuccess Magazine

AutoSuccess Cover Story: The Automated Future of Video Advertising Meet the video tech leader that is revolutionizing the auto industry Skip. The button most people hit so they can ignore the ad and go straight to the YouTube video they wanted to watch. But what if that ad was customized to every unique viewer with […]